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Babies are one of the best gifts to the world. When new life is brought to us, we cherish that new life and we are grateful for that life. When you first find out that you are pregnant you get a wave of new emotions. There is a lot of care that you need for yourself and your new addition. The first thing that you should do once you find out that you are pregnant is see your doctor. Your doctor will check you out and conduct an ultrasound to ensure that you are in fact pregnant and then he or she will give you some information about the upcoming months, and tell you what you should be doing and what you should not be doing.

There are many things that you cannot do while you are pregnant. If you are a smoker then you will need to kick that habit as well as drinking alcohol. You do not want your actions to affect the human life growing inside of you. Drinking caffeine or taking any medications are not a good idea as well. Just think of it this way; your baby feeds on what you feed on and receives what you take in. So if you are drinking and smoking your baby is receiving all of those toxins that you are putting into your body. It is just a safe idea to be health conscious for the next nine months of your pregnancy.

Your body is about to go through some serious changes and you should try and be prepared to handle those. You will gain weight and you will get strange food cravings, but these are all natural. Talk to other women who have kids, they can give you the best insight, because they actually already went through it. Talk to them about the actual birth, and what you should expect when it actually comes time to have your baby. Talk to your doctor on a regular basis and make sure to ask any type of question that pops into your head, the more you know the less you will worry and stress, and stress is not good for you or your baby. Keep yourself informed and keep yourself happy and healthy. In nine months you will bring a new person into the world, you want them to have all ten fingers and all ten toes.

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Signs

Are you feeling like you haven't been yourself over the past couple of days? Maybe your menstrual cycle did not come this month, which usually is a huge indicator that you could be pregnant and it's also a one of the earliest possible signs of pregnancy. There are many early signs and symptoms that occur that can be loud signs for you that you are actually pregnant. The biggest one out there is missing a period, if that happens and you have been sexually active recently then you should either go buy a pregnancy test or go see your doctor. Women still have periods during the next three or four months of being pregnant, it tends to be a lighter sort of cycle so try and pay attention to that factor.

The biggest indication that you could be pregnant, the one all of the women complain about is morning sickness, and it does not just happen in the morning. You may start to feel nauseous and that can progress into actually vomiting, if this happens and you still haven't had a menstrual period, go see your doctor or get a home test for you to confirm.

Your breast will also start to get tender or swollen, and may get really sensitive to touching and feeling. This is caused because there is an increase in the amount of estrogen and progesterone in your body. This symptom usually occurs three or four days after the baby is actually conceived.

These are just a few among many symptoms and signs that could be pointing out to you that you are in fact pregnant. If you are planning a pregnancy then watch out for these clear signs, and from there go see your doctor. You can get food cravings; pee more often than usual stuff like this can all help you see that you are pregnant. Watch out for these signs and if you are having trouble pointing them out for yourself look online, the internet is a very good place for information and you can actually find some pretty good information about pregnancy symptoms from those baby websites that are literally everywhere you look. You should have no problem searching for any sort of baby and pregnancy information that you may be searching for. Another great source for information about signs and symptoms would be your mother. She went through all of this when she was pregnant with you! She will surely know what to do when it comes to you! Just relax and keep a clear head, you are going to need it over the next nine months!

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